Sirens of the LAMBs: Kyra vs. Nikita.

by Nick Jobe · March 17, 2008 · Uncategorized · 5 Comments

Welcome to the first posting of Sirens. This post will be unlike the others, as the original writer for Nikita had to drop out, and Kyra has been decided to go on through to the second round by default (so no voting will occur). However, not to let people down, this post will at least show how Kyra’s half of the fight would have gone… and I figured it was as good of way as any to at least try and get this ball rolling.

By Nick from Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob.

(Warning: Ending spoilers if you haven’t seen Pitch Black. Though if you’ve seen Chronicles, it’s already been spoiled for you.)

It had been a few years since young Jack, now known as Kyra, had escaped that deadly alien planet with Riddick and the holy man. A few years since Riddick left her. Years. And Kyra had not stopped looking for him, trying to find any bit of information that could help locate the man she once followed blindly, adoringly.

Her latest information had recently taken her to the planet Earth, to a place called France. She was told of a young woman who resided there, a young woman who had been taken in to act as assassin. The thought of a fellow killer, a fellow beast, made her feel more sure of the situation; at the very least, it would be more entertaining. The only name she knew was Nikita.

It was difficult to find her in such a large place, but find her she did. Kyra stalked within the shadows as Nikita made her way slowly down the street, to where, Kyra didn’t know, nor care. All she knew now was that this woman might be able to help her locate Riddick.

But then something strange happened: the woman called Nikita quickly darted to the left and into an alleyway. Did she know she was being followed? Kyra picked up the pace, rushing after her. Further down the alley, Kyra watched as Nikita leapt up and grabbed the hanging ladder to the fire escape off the side of a building and began to pull herself up. She was on the first landing as Kyra came closer. But Kyra didn’t stop; running forward, she jumped kicked off the wall opposite the fire escape, grabbing the ladder, and yanking herself up after the woman.

But Nikita darted in through a broken window, out of sight. Kyra was left to follow. Unfortunately, as soon as she entered the window after the woman, there was a click of a gun, and Kyra dived out of the way, over the railing of the second story catwalk in the spacious warehouse they were now inside, and grabbed the hanging chain, sliding down to the first level.

The woman tried to speak to Kyra, but she couldn’t understand the language. She realized there would be no use trying to talk back to her. The trip was a waste. They wouldn’t understand each other. Plus, after following the young woman around for a while, Kyra had no idea how she would even know of Riddick, much less know where he’s at. It must have been a set up, Kyra thought. Trying to get me off his tail. Fine then. We’ll just play a little Who’s The Better Killer?

This would be easy. The woman had a gun. She was decked out with blades. They say never to bring a knife to a gun fight, but those people didn’t know her. She had honed her skills over the last few years. Kyra pulled a small blade out from a sheath hanging off her hip-hugging pants. She heard the woman walking on the catwalk above her and slowly began to follow underneath her, like her shadow, never taking her eyes off her prey.

She watched as Nikita walked quietly down the steps of the catwalk, her gun out in front of her, ready to fire. Kyra had her blade, ready to attack. Nikita stepped off the stairs and turned, coming eye-to-eye with her opponent. The two women stared deeply at each other, each waiting for the other to attack first. Kyra saw it was coming and tilted her head with a grin. Nikita raised her gun and fired, but Kyra was already leaping out of the way. She threw her blade like a projectile, but Nikita was faster than she had expected, able to dodge it. The blade clanged against the metal steps coming off the catwalk.

There was no time for the animalistic staring this time around. Kyra faked right and jumped left before diving forward. Nikita fired and missed, while Kyra placed her left hand firmly against the cemented floor, lifting her legs into the air and spinning to kick the gun out of the woman’s hands. It flew across the room.

Nikita threw a kick, but Kyra rolled under it before leaping to her feet. The young woman made for her gun, but Kyra was too fast. Pulling yet another blade from her wrapped arm braces, she threw it, causing it to sink into the back of Nikita’s leg, right above her Achilles’ tendon. Nikita fell, screaming. Kyra ran forward, preparing to remove the blade from her victim and finish her that way. What she wasn’t expecting was for Nikita to be strong enough to kick her in the stomach with her unwounded leg.

Gasping briefly, Kyra fell back. The rest seemed to happen so quickly it took an eternity to play out: Nikita scrambled for her gun as Kyra leapt to her feet. The latter ran for her prey just as Nikita grabbed her weapon and spun around. Not taking the time to get up before firing, Nikita lay on her back, raising the gun to pull the trigger, and seeing nobody. Kyra had readied herself for this assault and flipped into the air, unlocking the dual blades within the heel of her boot, and stabbing them into top of Nikita’s head, coming to a sitting position on top of the young assassin, sitting now on top of her gun. The blood poured out more quickly from the woman’s head as Kyra removed her boot’s blade from her skull. The fight was too easy, Kyra thought. I didn’t even get to go for the sweet spot. There’s no way she knew Riddick.

And with a sigh, she left.

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5 Responses to Sirens of the LAMBs: Kyra vs. Nikita.

  1. mikemachacon says:

    great job, nick! wow! now i’m thinking of rewriting the whole thing i wrote. haha! ;o)

  2. Nick says:

    haha, please don’t. That’d just take more time 😛 . I’m sure yours is more than satisfactory. And thanks!

  3. Fletch says:

    Kyra meets Nikita. Nikita has heart attack. Kyra wins!

    Congrats, Nick! 😀 Nice job.

  4. WaywardJam says:

    Great start to the Sirens, Nick! Never been much of a Riddick fan, but your Kyra almost makes me wanna watch it again!

  5. princess says:



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