LAMB Report #6

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It’s been awhile. Let’s take a look at the LAMB for a status update…

LAMB MOTM – Rachel got this event off to an abiding start with a gaggle of LAMBs taking a look at The Big Lebowski. Read more about it here. July’s movie is The Conversation, with entries due by the 30th. Ten of you took part in June – let’s double that this month.

LAMB Action Hero – The first ‘battle’ has been posted by our main man Nick, and it’s a doozy: who would you rather have as your roommate, Bruce Wayne or Lara Croft? Voting for this particular battle ends today, but there are plenty more to come.

Top 10s – aka Our Acronym is Better Than Theirs. Who needs the AFI? We can make our own Top 10 movie lists by genre. 36 people took part in the voting for the Top 10 Comedies, and the voting for Action/Adventures is underway. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a teaser – comedies 10-6:

10. Airplane!
9. Young Frankenstein
8. Some Like it Hot
7. Annie Hall
6. Shaun of the Dead (actually tied for 5th)

Got to go to the LAMB to see the rest…

LAMBScoresThe Happening and The Strangers got 2 LAMB ratings each. Wall*E and Kung Fu Panda got 4 1/2 LAMBs each. Animation>>>Horror? Apparently so. Don’t miss out on the free link love – get thee to the LAMB Forums to submit your ratings.

The Latest Poll Results
This would usually get its own post, but considering the topic that was at hand, I thought it more fitting here. I asked you what you wanted out of the LAMB, and I got…mixed results (not surprisingly).

It seemed that for just about every option, the vote was split. Quantity of original content? 7 said more, 8 said less. I guess it’ll stay about the same. 6 are interested in a site redesign…7 said not to touch a thing. I think I’ll go with some minor design tweaks based on that info. Quantity of posts per day? 2 more, 1 less. Again, staying the same give or take.
And to the lone person that said to stop sending them emails – a) you gotta let me know who you are and b) to you and anyone else that wishes to, there is an “Unsubscribe” option at the bottom of every email I send.

Thanks to all for voting. A new poll will be up shortly.

LAMB Membership
It seems all I had to do last time was rant about not getting enough new LAMBs for the problem to fix itself. Without really doing much of anything, I received an influx of new entries, and I’ve still got a few pending. I know quantity isn’t what it’s all about, but I’m holding steady to a one-year anniversary goal of 200 LAMBs. We’re on pace for about 190…


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  1. Fox says:

    And, as always, major props go out to you, FLETCH, for holding this LAMB thing down and making bigger and better all in the little span of 9 months!

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