Invasion of the Lambs #6

by Dylan · August 28, 2008 · Invasion of the Lambs · 8 Comments

Many sites have screencap quizzes, but how many are invaded by LAMBs? Every so often, I’ll post a screen shot, only the actors heads will be “lambed out” – all you gotta do is name the film and the bodies that the lambs have overtaken.

Ok, I’m hooked, too. ThoughI usually wait a week or so in between these posts, I don’t have anything else special today so I figured I might as well do another one of these, and since Mrs. Fletch made one the other day for me…a perfect situation.

In other news, I rock, as I stumped you all and it took a hint from me for resident Lamb Invasion king Fox to get it. This one’s much easier, though, so first come, first serve with the correct answer.

Fox (Tractor Facts): 3
Joseph (Cinexcellence): 1
Dean (filmicability with Dean Treadway): 1

8 Responses to Invasion of the Lambs #6

  1. Joseph says:

    Burn After Reading.

  2. Fletch says:

    Negative, ghost rider, the pattern is full.

  3. Nick says:

    I really suck at this game.

    And it makes me hate myself.

    Thanks, Fletch. You’ve ruined my life.

  4. Fox says:

    The Science of Sleep.

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  6. Fletch says:

    The rest of you need to step it up. Fox is DESTROYING the competition (if there is any).

    Congrats, dude.

    Nick – don’t feel bad. I’m not that good at it, either. But you’ll have another chance to hate yourself with another movie poster quiz over at BC this weekend…

  7. Farzan says:

    umm…hot fuzz?

  8. Joseph says:

    Gah. How could I have not recognized that coat?

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