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by Dylan · August 11, 2008 · Plugs · No Comments

* Evil on Two Legs is giving away some free stuff in their “name-that-movie-super-amazing-fun-time contest.” Basically that boils down to them giving away a free copy of Clive Barker’s Jericho (xbox360) and a eo2l t-shirt (or mousepad, or coffee mug, or whatever the winner would like) to whomever can name all the movies in the 18 screenshots listed.

* It’s almost over, but Joseph Demme is hosting the Unseen DVD Blog-a-Thon over at Cinexcellence. Click the link for more details.

* For August, the Movie Fanatic will be doing a blog-a-thon of sorts that involve reviews and news about selected French movies with emphasis on actors/actresses we feature prominently at our site- Romain Duris, Clemence Poesy, Gaspard Ulliel, Louis Garrel, Malik Zidi and Ludivine Sagnier.

With special focus also on the movies of Francois Ozon.

* Starting August 11th and going through August 20th, Invasion of the B Movies will be hosting a guilty pleasures blog-a-thon, about those movies that most of society deem unworthy, stupid, or whatever, but DAMMIT you can’t help but love.

If anybody wishes to participate, just list 10 guilty pleasures on your blog and send Jason a link email (invasionofthebmovies at gmail dot com).

Got something to plug? An upcoming blog-a-thon, an independent film or a film festival in your area that’s looking for exposure? Send me the details (please keep it short) and I’ll include it as part of this semi-regular feature.

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