We Have the Right Job For You!

by Dylan · September 6, 2008 · Uncategorized · 4 Comments

No, this isn’t some spam email.

Maybe it’s just the summer doldrums (hopefully coming to an end soon – thanks a lot, Nic Cage!), but I feel like the LAMB could use a little “pick me up.” Due to a number of reasons (a busy Nick, an AWOL Big Mike, a busy Fletch), we’ve had some features go stagnant and/or never really get started, such as Interview With a LAMBpire, the next “battle” event (or similar), It’s A Wonderful LAMB, Plot Farm, etc. Yes, some are winding down (Summer of LAMB) and others are on the horizon (LAMB Devours the Oscars, the Lion Awards), but I’d like to see more activity and more posts per day here.

Though I’d welcome our past hosts back with open arms, I know for one that Nick will have his plate full for some time now, and I wouldn’t mind getting some fresh blood contributing. So, the question is, do you have an idea for a new running feature here, or would you like to take over an existing one?

Here’s just one idea: though it’s not particularly my bag, I know the world of celebrity gossip is a popular one for many folks, so if anyone would like to be the resident Perez Hilton (shudder), the gig is yours, and the parameters are pretty much wide open.

But I’m open. If you’re up to the task, send me your ideas via email or via a PM on the LAMB Forums and we’ll go from there. The LAMB is only as good as its members, so let’s make it great.

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4 Responses to We Have the Right Job For You!

  1. DJ Heinlein says:

    As much as I would love to offer some help with the best of my intentions, no less, I would have to pass at this time. I’m also looking at a busy fall season and don’t want to be a flake out.

  2. Nick says:

    Busy? Me? Never!

    I mean, just today (a day off!) I planned the entirety of next week for 6th period that I’m teaching; I wrote an entire short story based on a character that my 6th period came up with that I promised I would write them; I created my entire “I Am” project presentation that my 6th period talked me into doing; I caught up on all of my online class work; and I read and commented on all 50 or so pages thus far of my friend’s book that she’s attempting to write.

    So… wait, yeah… busy.



  3. Nick says:

    That’s me… the slacker 😛

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