Lamb Chop-Ups #8

by Bubbawheat · August 20, 2012 · LAMB Chop-Ups · 17 Comments

Welcome back to another round of Lamb Chop-Ups brought to you by Bubbawheat. Last week went by pretty quick, you guys sure know your princesses :). This week’s another more challenging round. If you missed it, the puzzle and answers from last week are at the bottom. If this is your first time playing, I have a word spelled out from cut up movie posters. Your job is to guess which movie each letter came from, there’s also a bonus movie that is not pictured, but is hinted at by the word itself and/or the other movies used. I occasionally throw in some tricks to make things difficult, like rotating some pieces, so keep your eye out. Check out this week’s puzzle and leave your guesses.

Some notes: While I try to use official movie posters, I don’t always use the most well-known posters. All posters are taken from the first page of a Google Image search for “(movie title) poster”. Either the first person to get all the answers right, or whoever gets the most right gets 10 points on the leaderboard, the first person to get the bonus movie correct will get 5 points, and everyone else will get 1 point for being the first person to guess each letter correctly, so be sure to toss out your guesses even if you don’t know them all at once.

Last Week’s Puzzle:

Last Week’s Answers:

M – The Little Mermaid – Movie Waffler
Y – Sleeping Beauty – Movie Waffler
P – Beauty and the Beast – The Mark Knight
R – The Princess and the Frog – Alex
I – Aladdin – Movie Waffler
N – Tangled – Movie Waffler
C – Cinderella – Shane
E – Enchanted – Movie Waffler
W – Mulan – Alex
I – Princess Diaries
L – Atlantis: The Lost Empire – Forgotten Films
L – Happily N’Ever After
C – The Swan Princess – Shane
O – Pocahontas – The Mark Knight
M – Princess Mononoke
E – Brave – Alex

“Someday my Prince Will Come” Bonus movie was Snow White – Alex

And Dusty got the rest right for the 10 point win for the week!


Jay Cluitt: 48 points
Forgotten Films: 36 points
Dust Raven: 33 points
Shane: 22 points
Dusty: 21 point
The Movie Waffler: 9 points
Alex: 9 points
100 Years of Movies: 6 points
Sebastian: 3 points
Silver Emulsion: 2 points
Kevin Knox: 2 points
The Mark Knight: 2 points
Joel Burman: 1 point

17 Responses to Lamb Chop-Ups #8

  1. M = Mean Streets
    L = Miller’s Crossing
    F = Pulp Fiction

  2. First L in Little might be Goodfellas?!?

  3. T = Once Upon a Time In America

  4. E= The Departed

    The bonus is Scarface

  5. Shane says:

    M – Mean Streets

    L – Goodfellas
    I – Chinatown
    L – Miller’s Crossing
    E – The Departed

    F – Pulp Fiction
    R – Resevoir Dogs
    I – The Untouchables

  6. I’m gonna say the I in Friend is from Casino

  7. The E in Friend is Donnie Brasco

  8. N – is a hatchet job on the H from The Godfather

  9. The first T in Little is The Untouchables

  10. Y is Boyz in the Hood…I think!?!?

  11. Ok…think I got them all

    M – Mean Streets
    Y – Boys N the Hood

    L – Godfellas
    I – Chinatown
    T – The Untouchables
    T – Once Upon a Time In America
    L – Miller’s Crossing
    E – The Departed

    F – Pulp Fiction
    R – Reservoir Dogs
    I – Casino
    E – Donnie Brasco
    N – The Godfather
    D – Desperado

    Bonus – Scarface

  12. Bubbawheat says:

    Clean sweep, way to go! And here I thought a lot of these gangster movies had too similar fonts.

  13. JayCluitt says:

    Dammit, missed it again! I need to stop doing stuff on Monday nights.

  14. I’ve got a different flavor from this blog.

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