PLUG: My Short Film

by Shep. Burman · August 26, 2012 · Plugs · No Comments

Earlier this year I ran a Kickstarter for my short film Light and Dust. Many of you contributed and I thank you for that, but now is the time to see the outcome. I’m finally showcasing my short film on vimeo page and I’d like all of you to check it out! It can be found RIGHT HERE.I’d love to know what you think of my video and how I can improve my craft. Please feel free to email me Hope you enjoy the short film! 

Got a Press Release, something to Plug, or a Screener available for review (or some combination of the three)? Ok, don’t get all crazy about it. Just click here and give me the details (what, when, where, and a link, for starters) – I’ll handle the rest.

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