The Return Of Trailer Trash Tuesday.

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Hello Lammies.

How have you been? It’s been a while since I have last seen you, and I hope that you are all doing well. Between the new job, moving into a new place, and recording episodes of a new podcast every week. I have not had much time to write up these trailer posts. But Still I didn’t want you to think I have left you fine folks without some tasty trailer tidbits. SO I will cover a few of them with you now.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. 12/14/2012

Peter Jackson is a brilliant filmmaker, and there is no doubt he will turn in an epic movie that will be a blast to see on the big screen, but why oh why must this be three movies. I know this has been discussed before, and maybe It’s a little silly to make a fuss out of something so trite, but it doesn’t make much sense besides money to make it three movies long.

Texas Chainsaw 3D. 01/04/2013

I’m not really sure if this is suppose to be a sequel to the original franchise that startred in 1974 or the recent reboot that came out in 2003 but was still set in the 70’s. It really doesn’t matter because all this movie has is a guy with a chainsaw killing beautiful people. I don’t care how hot it is outside. The two girls in this are dressed like sluts and the boys are super douchebags. The trailer uses the same horror gimicks that were used before, and the 3D effects do nothing to get me interested in this. Stick with the original because at least that one doesn’t try to win you over with something as tacky and cliche as 3D.

Lincoln. 11/16/2012

YAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWN. Oh shit I fell asleep while I was watching that. Let me try that again. YAAAAWWWN. Damn, it happened again. This trailer is really overselling that this is an Oscar contender. Almost to the point of annoying me. This looks exactly like Mr. Speilberg’s last effort “War Horse” and I had no interest in seeing that one either.

Gut. No release date yet

Look I don’t mind that a movie wants to be weird. Infact I love filmmakers who take chances and show us something we have not seen before, but the problem with “Gut” is that it does look like something we have seen before. Filmmaker Elias is very much influenced by David Cronenberg, Michael Haneke, and David Lynch. But he seees more interested in just copying their exact style rather than find his own voice.

Trailer Hitch: Meet The Feebles. 09/01/1995

This week’s flashback is going back to look at an earlier Peter Jackson movie. “Meet The Feebles” is “The Muppets” if it was directed by John Waters. A really sick and twisted, but very funny tale about very deranged puppets. It has cute cuddly fuzzy animals, just like Jim Henson’s creation and it has musical numbers too. The only difference is that the puppets in this one take drugs, have lots of sex and have musical numbers wih titles like “Sodomy”. I know that Mr. Jackson has done very well with his tales of hobbits, elves and other fantasy creatures,but I really wish he would go back to making these twisted, but fun little cult films.

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