Trailer Trash Tuesday: 10/02/2012

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I hate to say it,but there really isn’t that much of exciting trailers being released this week.  But I refuse to stop so I will give you another hearty helping of some tasty trailer tidbits for you to munch on before you gorge on the main course.     We have some comedic team ups as well as a reunion film in sort of ways.  So let the eating begin.

Identity Theft. 02/08/2013

Jason Bateman plays a guy who has had his identify stolen from Melissa McCarthy.  When he tries to confront her on it she fights back and  a cross country chase ensues.  This is from director Seth Gordon who also helmed “Horrible Bosses” and episodes of “Park and Recreation“.  It could be very funny, but the trailer is making me think otherwise.

Stoker.  03/01/2013

The first English language film from Chan Wook Park (“Oldboy“) tells the story of a young girl who becomes interested with her uncle after the death of her father.  This looks really good, but I always worry when a director from another country comes here to make movies, because they are not as good as the ones that were made there.  Still with a screenplay by Erin Cressida Wilson(“Secretary“) and a cast that includes Matthew Goode and Nicole Kidman.  This could be a neat little thriller.

Vamps.   11/01/2012

I will proudly admit that I enjoyed the hell out of “Clueless” when it came out, and part of me is really excited to see Alicia Silverstone team up again with writer director Amy Heckerling.  It’s just the whole vampire comedy angle has been done to death, and this looks pretty f@*king horrendous.  I would much rather see a reunion movie that combined the characters of “Clueless” with the ones from “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” then this flick which plays more like a 90 minute TV pilot then an actual movie.   The rest of the cast including Krysten Ritter and Wallace Shawn look very promising, but I’m afraid this will turn into a complete dud.

Almost Human.   03/2012(Pending)

One night Mark(Josh Ethier) becomes possessed by a demon or some alien creature and begins a massive killing spree in his small town.  This has the potential to be just like other body invasion movies from before.  But at least this trailer doesn’t have any crazy scratchy edits that are way overdone for this genre.  I would be interested to give this new one a look.

Trailer Hitch:  The Odd Couple.   03/27/1968.

Since we already looked at one odd couple with Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy.  Let’s head back to the sixties with Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon in Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple“.  The story of what would happen if a obsessively neat freak had to live with a party loving slob.  The movie did have some great moments and it’s clear to see why these two great actors work so well together.  I just found towards the end it looses some of it’s steam.  Don’t bother with the sequel, it is downright horrible.

See all you good looking folks next week.

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