Trailer Trash Tuesday: 10/09/2012

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Yippee Kye Yay Mother Fu (Cue Explosion) it’s time once again for The Lamb to take a look at some trailers for  upcoming movies being released.  I am your host, The Vern, and on today’s show.  We have Bruce Willis with yet another bad day.  Johnny Depp as a sidekick who still gets top billing, and finally.  we get  Kate Winslet, Richard Gere, and many other serious actors in a movie that will either give them more exposure or completely kill their careers.

So let’s not dawdle any further and get to the flicks.

A Good Day To Die Hard.  02/14/2013

Yes folks, John McClaine is back and this time he is teaming up with his son to fight terrorists in Russia.  When he was at the travel agency I’m betting he chose to have  foreign bad guys in the package.  After all his son has only heard these stories about his dad being this big bad ass.  He really should see it for himself.   I for one thought the series ended with the third one, and after they made the fourth one PG-13.  I thought they were just giving the franchise training wheels.  Let’s hope they go full R with the new one.  Skip that, go full NC-17, it’s “Die Hard” after all.  Do you really think mainstream theatres will take that risk and not show this movie.  I don’t think so.

The Lone Ranger.    07/03/2013

He may be the sidekick, but there is no way Mr. Depp is going to be second bill in this big screen adaptation of the 50’s television western.  “The Social Network’sArmie Hammer plays the title role, but I bet all the spots you see on TV will go to Johnny.  Gore Verbinski directs this with the same sort of style that he used in both “Rango” and the first 3 “Pirates of The Caribbean” films.   For which I am excited to see, but I really hope more  people know who Mr. Hammer is after this is released.

Movie 43.   01/13/2013

Remember movies like “New Year’s Eve” and “Valentines Day“( I know it’s painful, don’t think too hard about it) where a bunch of big stars get lumped into one movie,but it becomes less of one because it has way too many stories to wrap up.   We’ll the only difference I can see in this one is that they are not trying to concentrate on any real story, and are just foucusing on making me laugh.  It almost reminds me of a sketch comedy film like “The Kentucky Fried Movie” that hasn’t been done in a while.  This movie features a lot of big named stars like Hugh Jackman, Emma Stone, and I won’t lie.  It did make me laugh.

The Guilt Trip.   12/25/2012

Oh Boy! It’s another road comedy where mothers and sons learn to reconnect with each other.  While also having to indulge in embarrassing, but funny situations.  I don’t hate the cast in this, and think that both Rogen and Streisand are quite good.  I just hate story lines that are predictable. 

The Lords Of Salem.   release date pending

Rob Zombie has a new horror movie that looks pretty damn good.  Well at least better than his “Halloween” reworks.  He does a good job at making movies that look like they were made in the late 70’s and this one has that same sort of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” meets “The Wicker Man” directed by Lars Von Trier style.  I’m actually looking forward to this one.

Trailer Hitch:   Kentucky Fried Movie    08/10/1977

If the trailer for “Movie #43” had you laughing check out this trailer from the same people who had you laughing with “Airplane” and “Ruthless People”  There is no plots just a series of very funny sketches .

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