Trailer Trash Tuesday: 10/16/2012

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No time for love  Dr. Jones because we have got some new trailers to chow down this week.  A first of two biographies of a famed director, a remake of a horror classic, and Robert Zemeckis(“Back To The Future”) goes back to live action.

Carrie.   03/2013

Since Halloween is right around the corner, I thought it would be appropriate to show you the first teaser trailer to “Carrie“.   The original by Brian DePalma was brilliant and will forever remain a classic, but it is a bit dated.   This is a story that could be told in any time period and I’m interested to see what director Kimberly Peirce(“Boys Don’t Cry“) does here.  The trailer really doesn’t show much, but the casting of both Chloe Moretz Grace and Jullianne Moore does have my interest.

Hitchcock.     11/2012

Anthony Hopkins plays the world famous director Alfred Hitchcock in the first of two biopics being released this year.  This one chronicles how he got “Psycho” on to the big screen.  Being a fan of that movie, I am very interested to see how it got released, especially during that time.  The only thing I’m not convinced of is Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh.  She has the look, but the voice sounds nothing like her.

Flight.     11/2012

Taking a break from all of his CGI animated kid flicks.  Robert Zemeckis goes back to the world of live action and brings us his first “R” rated feature.  The story is about a pilot(Denzel Washington) who successfully landed a plane when a malfunction happened.   He becomes an instant hero, but then becomes accused of being intoxicated while he was flying.  This looks pretty damn good, and very interested to check this out.

On The Road.        12/2012

A writer meets up with a young couple and they go on a road trip filled with sex, booze and insights into their lives and other cultures.   This is from director Walter Salles(“The Motorcycle Diaries”) based on the book by Jack Kerouac.  This looks like one I would watch when I’m at home on a Sunday afternoon.

Trailer Hitch: Psycho.  09/1960.

I wished they would make trailers like this again.  Hitchcock always had a great dark sense of humor that he would incorporate into his shows too.   What’s best about this trailer is that it doesn’t feature any clips from the actual movie.  Hitchcock himself wanted it to be a complete surprise from the very start.  Managers from all theatres were told to turn anyone away if they got there too late.  This was done to not ruin the surprise for them.  I wished that was still done today.

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