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Greetings. You are all my children now.

Sorry, sorry.  I caught the ending of “A Nightmare one Elm Street Part 2″on TV yesterday and I had that line stuck in my head.  Only one more day til it’s Halloween and while most of you are still re cooperating from the parties you threw.  I thought it would be best to post some classic and at least one brand new horror trailer.   I tried to cover a good amount of them, but I’m sure I left a bunch off.  For that I apologize, but make sure to leave a comment below letting me know what was your favorite horror trailer.

Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark. 2010

Although the final product isn’t as scary, the ending of this trailer is.  Even from the start with those creatures speaking, it’s very eerie.  No matter how many times I have seen this trailer, that end part always scares me.

The Shining.   1980

Sometimes the most effective trailers are the most simplistic ones.  This one for “The Shining” uses a clip from the actual movie, but when it’s slowed down and put to an odd unsettling score.  It becomes one of the most frighting trailers of all time.

Night Of The Living Dead   1960

This one has some freaky moments with the title card featuring that severed head, and stock photo zoom ins.  But the Narrator repeating the title had me laughing.  Especially when he put long pauses between each word.  “Night……………..Of the Living……..Dead”.  I’m sure back in the sixties it would have been really
scary, but now it’s kind of funny.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre   1974

That damn camera noise and those quick shots of body parts have got to be some of the most scariest things I have ever seen on screen.  To me this was the first found footage horror film because this plays very much like a documentary.  The trailer for this one is very effective in letting me know that I’m about to see one of the most upsetting  horror films of all time.

May.   2003

May” is an underrated classic, about a girl (Angela Bettis) who only wants a friend.  Not just any friend, but the perfect one.  She knows a lot of great people, but they only have one thing each that she likes.  To solve this problem, she decides to make her own friend by using body parts of other people.  It’s a sort of twist on the whole Frankenstein’s monster, but what I think sets this one apart is that you really like and in a strange way care for this main character before she goes all crazy.  Fans of Rian Johnson (“Looper”, “Brick“) will get to see him as an editor on this project which is very cool considering what he does with those techniques in his feature films.

Evil Dead. 2013

As iconic and important Sam Raimi’s horror classic is.  I gotta put the trailer for the remake on here for going all out with it’s gore and terror.  This is one movie that I was really dreading at first, but after seeing this ad.  I’m glad it’s being done.

The Stepfather.   1987

Most of you have probably never even heard of this one, and that is a shame because it is one of the most effective thrillers from the 80’s.  Terry O’Quinn should have gotten an Oscar nomination for his role as a dad who just wants to have the perfect family. No matter if how many of them he has to kill to get it.

Ju-On.  2002

I’m adding this one on here just for the shear fact that it manages to remain creepy even if I can’t understand what the actors are saying.  A truly international horror film.

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