LAMBcast #141: Skyfall

by Dylan · November 20, 2012 · Featured, LAMBcast, Podcasts · 6 Comments

Last week, it was the 16th entry in the James Bond franchise, Licence to Kill, featured as the prior MOTM; this month, the 23rd (and, of course, most recent) entry, Skyfall, taking the center stage of the LAMBcast.  To make things even more fitting, we even got a Brit to handle the hosting duties, as Simon Columb made his return to the show to preside over the festivities.  He was joined by Bond expert Fogs, as well as Andrew, Justin, and Dylan.

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* Last LAMB Standing

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6 Responses to LAMBcast #141: Skyfall

  1. I was lucky to get the first tickets to the premiere of this movie. seen it again with a couple of friends at the theater 1 week later and still think this movie is so good i can see it again next week lol, maybe i’ll go who knows.

  2. JayCluitt says:

    Cheers for the mention Dylan, great episode guys.

  3. Dan Heaton says:

    Great show. I know that everyone piled on Dylan for talking about Silva’s crazily intricate plans, but I have to agree. I can cut them a lot of slack since this is a Bond film, but the scene with the subway car is just ridiculous. Also, the moments with him in the cage felt a bit too much like The Joker in the Dark Knight to me. That said, I still really enjoyed Skyfall and liked the way they tried to balance out the fun with Craig’s approach to the character. Excellent discussion!

    • simoncolumb says:

      All i’m going to say, with regard to that subway car, is WHAT IF rather than having everything that perfectly planned. Maybe Silva was going to go that route anyway – DIDN’T expect 007 but obviously planned to set the explosion off before he left the subway… when Bond chased him, the chuckle Silva has is more a “I can’t believe how perfect this is” laugh rather than a “its all gone to plan” laugh.

  4. Robert says:

    th thankfully are sensible and more mature,clear thinking commentators like simoncolumb to explain the obvious to to negative naysayers who like to put down any movie that has gone beyond & is exceptional as Skyfall is. Face it you naysayers & try saying something positive and nice when it has been well earned & deserved. This movie & the
    acting is awards quality. Daniel Craig should have been better recognized for superb acting in Casino Royale & now he and Sam Mendes deserve and have earned awards,praise and recognition for this Skyfall efforts!

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