Trailer Trashing with The Vern: 11/13/2012.

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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome my fellow Lambs.

The whole living dead scenario for movies just keeps growing and growing.   We have not one but two movies with the whole flesh-eating situation being addressed, but both have way different results.     We also have on board  drunk teenagers, boring teenagers,  and Dolph Lundgren and Jean Claude Van Damme wishing they were both drunk teenagers.  Most of these ads are ones you have seen before, but I wanted to post them here to get your reactions. 

World War Z.   06/21/2013

The most popular book about the zombie apocalypse comes to the big screen in this ultra slick adaptation from director Marc Forster (“Stranger then Fiction“).  I was hoping this would have been done as a series on HBO or even FX because you could put more details into the character development.  Instead this just looks like your standard disaster flick. with the zombies taking place of the storm.  The CGI effects of the undead look so bad, I thought that it was a digital blob chasing the humans.  The makeup effects is what I loved most about this genre  and to replace that with a computer generated giant zombie crowd  really pisses me off.  I hate to sound all negative, but I’m going to skip watching this and just read the book.

Warm Bodies. 02/01/2013

It was bound to happen and I’m kind of surprised it took Hollywood this long to actually put this idea onto the big screen.   Mismatched couples have been gold in the Rom Com department for quite some  time.  You would think a story about a zombie who falls in love with a human girl would have been made much earlier.  I am willing to suspend my belief in having zombies with internal dialogues and emotions if they went just a little bit  more hardcore with the gore.  It would be funny  to have this dead boy woo this girl while also feeding his hunger for human flesh.   He could rip out someone’s heart and tie a bow around it and give it to her or do many things that zombies would actually do.  I will give director Jonathan Levine credit for making “50/50” which turned out to be very good.  This may surprise me, but so far this trailer makes me think I could watch this on the Disney Channel.

21 and Over. 03/01/2013

Two friends take their buddy out for his 21st birthday for wild drunken shenanigans and he passes out.    Now they have to get him to an important interview the next day before his strict father finds out.    Seriously though, what kind of shit are they drinking.  I have been out drinking heavily when I was that age and I never once did I   black out.  They must know some sort of  new mixture I’m not aware of.      There is nothing special about this movie and it has all the usual tropes you have seen before.  I would rather spend the $10 bucks on a good bottle of cheap booze then watch this.   

Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning.  11/30/2012

I’m going to take a  guess on what the story is about because the trailer isn’t very clear. A man vows revenge on Jean Claude Van Damme’s character for attacking his wife and child.  Meanwhile Dolph Lundgren is freeing the minds of other soldiers who were once controlled by the Army.  A lot of fast paced action with scenes at strip clubs make me think I was watching a flick from the late 80’s.    All this needs now is some songs by AC/DC and I’m set.   This looks like a direct to video property, and one I would catch on the SYFY channel on a Sunday afternoon.

Only the Young.

 This is a documentary that follows  two friends around California as they admit to the director of having feelings for eachother.  Yet don’t want to take that risk and admit it themselves.   Critics are comparing this to the works of John Hughes which is really unfair because at least he had interesting characters.  I wasn’t one bit impressed with anyone in this picture.  It felt like I was watching some hipster’s home movies.   It also reminds me of this video from the band Air called “All I Need“.  It’s a nice enough video  because it’s only 5 minutes long.  I can’t imagine spending any more time with these people.

Trailer Hitch:   Ahh Zombies. AKA Wasting Away.   2007

I’m  a bit upset that this didn’t get much advertising when it was released because the concept is really quite clever.  A group of students accidentally eat some radioactive waste and become a group of zombies.  The only catch is that they still belive they are human and the only people who can understand them are ones who are very drunk.   I loved having the reality be in Black and White  while the altered reality  was in color.  It’s not at all a great movie, but for a zombie comedy it has what I look for.  Nice make up effects and some gore.

Let me know what you thought of this week’s trailers.  I won’t be around next week to give you the trailer trashing but will be around again soon.

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