The LAMB Secret Santa

by Nick Powell · December 11, 2012 · Events, Featured · No Comments

Ho-ho-ho. Merry LAMBmas (trademark pending). Nick from The Cinematic Katzenjammer here with a proposition to all LAMB members. I was wanting to gauge some interest in the community for a LAMB Secret Santa. I know it’s a bit late into December with the holiday only being a little over two weeks away, so I figured we could turn this into a general End-of-The-Year-Secret-Santa. Below are the details. 

As this is by scout’s honor rules, as there’s very little to have as collateral (besides a good public shaming, I suppose) there is some risk involved. Keep that in mind.

The gift should be worth at least $10 USD. You can spend more if you so desire. 

When you sign up, let me know if you’re willing to ship internationally, as I know a lot of our LAMBs are outside the U.S. 

Let me know when you send your gift. All gifts should be sent by December 23 (time may change). 

If you’re interested email me here. I will not share your address or details with anyone but your Secret Santa. 

Signups will last until Wednesday, December 19th

Partners will be assigned Thursday, December 20th. 

Nice and simple and to the point. If this works out, you can probably expect a Secret Santa in July and again, one next Christmas. 

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