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by Mettel Ray · February 3, 2013 · New LAMB · No Comments


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What is the main focus of your site? The main focus of Ramble Film is new DVD releases in New Zealand. I don’t talk about DVDs specifically but I concentrate on reviewing films that are recently released on DVD. I would love to go to the theatre more often but it’s a bit hard when you’re a poor student.
What are your blogging goals, personally and/or professionally? In other words, what, if anything, are you trying to get out your blog? Not only do I want to share my love for cinema with other film lovers, but I wish to improve on my writing. The only way I’m going to become a better writer is to practice.

On top of this, I’m really hoping to build on my subscriber count and transform my blog into more of a community. I want to encourage discussion in the comments section of each post but I need the audience before that can happen.

Do you prefer an interactive community for your blog or are you the teacher and your readers the students? It really depends on the type of post. Reviews for example, I encourage in-depth opinion and discussion from my readers. Other posts, like news for example, are more informative than anything else.
How long has this site been active for, and how frequently do you post updates to your site? (Note: sites must be active for at least three months for entry to the LAMB.) Ramble Film has been active since late 2011 but I’m aiming at posting a lot more often. I’m always busy with university work but if my blog had a decent audience then I believe I would give up more of my time.
Name up to three of your favorite movies (and no more). Seriously? I always hate these questions. Okay… I’m going to choose Toy Story because it’s the first film I ever saw in a theatre and grew up watching practically every week. I’m also going to choose Pulp Fiction and The Shining for obvious reasons.
Name a movie you hate!! Pearl Harbor is the first film that popped into my head.
How did hear about the LAMB? If it was a LAMB, do you recall which one? There are a few other blogs I’m a regular reader of, one of these being Cinematic Paradox (a fellow Kiwi film lover and blogger). Stevee over at Cinematic Paradox is a LAMB so I thought it would be worth joining the large community after she suggested I do so.
Any additional comments, or give yourself an interview question that’s not listed above. (optional) Why do I love film? Film is magical. There’s absolutely nothing like going to a cinema and sitting in a dark room experiencing something everyone else around you is experiencing at the same time. That smell of popcorn, the clicking sound of the film projector… It’s just so beautiful.


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