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by Joel · April 6, 2013 · Featured, New Poll · 5 Comments

Skärmavbild 2013-04-03 kl. 22.28.00Well this poll results speaks to itself. Besides the FYC banner tournament the LAMB won’t be hosting any regular games for a while. With that in mind I’m saying a big thanks to Jason Soto who lent us his Netflix Game and Bubbawheat for having coming up with the LAMB Chop-Ups.

I might change this stance in the future so if you come up with a brilliant idea you can always pitch it to me and pray I have a change of hearts.

Make sure to answer the new poll I think its one of the most important ones we have had in a while. 



5 Responses to Poll Results

  1. Well, even though I don’t usually participate in them, I think 32% is a big enough portion of the membership for games to be a successful feature.

  2. Dan Heaton says:

    I actually thought the question was about posts on video games. Reading it again now, that seems silly, but it made sense at the time. I actually would have voted differently and said “yes” if I read it correctly.

  3. “…pitch it to me and pray I have a change of hearts.” Hearts? Did I just spot a Doctor Who reference, or am I going crazy?

  4. jaycluitt says:

    I really enjoy the games whenever they are on the site. I loved the poster mash-up series Bubbawheat hosted, particularly when it got more competetive near the end!

  5. Ben H says:

    I also thought this poll meant games, as-in, games reviews. I was thoroughly against that! Now I feel a little silly.

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