LAMBScores: Tom Hanks Kills, ‘Nuff Said

by Shane Slater · November 2, 2013 · Featured, LAMBscores · 4 Comments

Tom Hanks

We’ve got another strong week for you as the awards contenders continue to be rolled out through the fall/winter. This batch of new films includes a pair of action films from Paul Greengrass and Robert Rodriguez (Captain Phillips and Machete Kills respectively) along with a well-received romantic comedy Enough Said. Go read all the reviews below and don’t forget to submit your own posts in the forums.



Rotten Tomatoes: 4.70 (94%)

IMDb: 4.05 (8.1/10)

LAMB: 4.31 (24 sites)

Average: 4.35



Defiant Success

The Critical Movie Critics

Silver Screen Riot

Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews

Two Dollar Cinema

Coogs Film Blog

Sean Kelly On Movies

Surrender to the Void


Sobriety Test Movie Reviews

AngryVader’s Movie Blah…

The Cinematic Spectacle

Wide Screen World

Can’t Stop the Movies


Go, See, Talk!

Ryan Reviews Movies

An Online Universe

Citizen Charlie

Film Actually

Gorgon Reviews

Paul’s Trip to the Movies

Let’s Go To The Movies

Rambling Film


The Movie Waffler

Ben’s Basement



Rotten Tomatoes: 4.75 (95%)

IMDb: 3.75 (7.5/10)

LAMB: 4.22 (9 sites)

Average: 4.24


Sobriety Test Movie Reviews (5)

Defiant Success (5)

Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews (4.5)

Surrender to the Void (4.5)

Paul’s Trip to the Movies (4)

AngryVader’s Movie Blah… (4)

The Movie Waffler (4)

Silver Screen Riot (3.5)

Cinema Enthusiast (3.5)







Rotten Tomatoes: 1.55 (31%)

IMDb: 3.15 (63%)

LAMB: 2.55 (10 sites)

Average: 2.42


Klymkiw Film Corner (4)

Silver Screen Riot (3.5)

Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews (3)

Sean Kelly On Movies (3)

Gorgon Reviews (3)

Ben’s Basement (3)

Citizen Charlie (2)

The Critical Movie Critics (2)

Sobriety Test Movie Reviews (1)

Kirkham A Movie A Day (1)

4 Responses to LAMBScores: Tom Hanks Kills, ‘Nuff Said

  1. Ben H says:

    Great title!

    So confused by all the love for Cap Phillips. I found it so tedious and a chore to sit through.

  2. tyson says:

    Tom hanks the great

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