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The past few months have seen some less than stellar movies being crowned Movie of the Month. Now, granted, the likes of Demolition Man, Cocktail, White Men Can’t Jump and Timecop all inspired entertaining discussion, but you won’t find many of them adorning Best Of lists.

That’s all changed this month, as first time contender Will of Exploding Helicopter has successfully beaten out the competition with Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch, a critically acclaimed western from 1969. Will is rewarded with the opportunity to host the MOTM section on the Lambcast, congratulations Will!
As always, when that Lambcast is posted, and reviews the rest of the LAMB wishes to write about the film will be posted too. Please send in any submissions – new or old – to jaycluitt(at) by 14th Feburary. That day will also see the next poll go up, so if you would like to champion a film for March’s MOTM, be sure to get in touch as well.

Here are the results of the poll:
Feb 2014 Poll

Exploding Helicopter will be ineligible to become a Champion for the next three months. Public Transportation Snob has two more months of ineligibility remaining, and Man, I Love Films has one. Two Dude Review becomes eligible again with the next poll.

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