Here we go… LAMMYs finally!

by Joel · June 9, 2014 · 2014 LAMMYs, Announcements, Featured, The LAMMYs · No Comments

DOOP1The time has finally come for the big kahuna event of the of the year in the LAMB community, the LAMMYs!

This years LAMMYs will be a fall event due to my current work situation that both is hectic but also has wifi limitations. I’ll release the complete schedule next friday. However, as usual I have bunch of things I need help with. 

  • First of all I think it would be appropriate with a complete visual re-branding of the LAMB. So to begin that change I’d like for interested parties (graphical designers) to send in suggestions for LAMMY banners that can be used during the campaign. I’ll put up these in a poll and the winner gets to design new nomination and winner banners and get first dips on re-designing the entire current LAMB Look! 
  • An additional moderator – I need someone to help out with the daily stuff during the LAMMYs. It can be everything from writing explanatory blog posts on here, sitting in on a podcast explaining the procedure, setting up voting polls etc.
  • FYC tournament runner – I need a person to run the FYC Banner tournament. The FYC tournament has become a great part of the LAMMYs and its more or less structured like your typical blog-tun tournament.

I think that was all for now! So if you are interested in contributing in any of these LAMMY related matters please send me an e-mail at largeassmovieblogs(at) and we’ll talk further!



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