Who Won the Affleck / Damon Draft?

by Jay Cluitt · March 18, 2015 · Uncategorized · 5 Comments

A few weeks ago we held a movie draft on the Lambcast, devoted to the films of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. You, the public, have voted, and now it’s time to crown the winner of the poll. And that winner is… Mr. DJ Valentine of Simplistic Reviews, with his team of Good Will Hunting, Saving Private Ryan, Chasing Amy, The Bourne Ultimatum, True Grit and Shakespeare in Love.


To be honest the rest of the competitors didn’t have much chance, with DJ taking an early lead and eventually picking up almost half of the votes, so congratulations Mr. Valentine. If you’re interested, here’s the full breakdown of the scores:

Affleck Damon Draft

If you have a great idea for a draft we can do in the future, please get in touch via the comments section. And be sure to come back in a few months when we hold the Superhero Movie Draft! And don’t forget to vote for the upcoming Movie of the Month franchise special over on the sidebar to the right.

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5 Responses to Who Won the Affleck / Damon Draft?

  1. Shane Slater says:

    I’m surprised DJ didn’t win by a wider margin. His lineup of films was wayyyyy stronger than the rest.

    • Fletch says:

      It’s easy to just pick the better “films,” but are they ideal Damon/Afflect films, representative of who they are and such? When I think of great Damon films, I think of Bourne Identity a lot faster than I think of True Grit, as much as I dug True Grit. Just saying that’s a big factor.

  2. DJV says:

    I’d like to thank the little people…and the giant people that made this possible. Apples for everyone!!!!

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