#LAMBwatch: True Detective Season 2 Premiere

by Robert Zerbe · June 26, 2015 · #LAMBWatch · No Comments

This past Sunday marked the latest installment in #LAMBwatch, a regular(ish) LAMB feature where we get together (virtually) to watch a movie or TV show. How is this accomplished, you may ask? It’s all through the magic of Twitter! Just tag your tweets with #LAMBwatch while you’re watching the program and you’re good to go. Until recently this feature was chronicled over at totheescapehatch.com, but it makes more sense to house it here on the main LAMB site so, there ya go.


Anyhoo, the Season 2 premiere of True Detective was the focus this time around. Divided? Yeah, that’s probably a good way to describe the LAMB when it comes to the HBO drama so far. Check out the tweets below. Thanks to all who participated! Stay tuned for the next installment of #LAMBwatch.

Oh, and, of course, beware spoilers if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

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