Reminder: London Meet-Up October 3rd

by Jay Cluitt · September 8, 2015 · Events, Featured · 2 Comments

It’s just a few weeks away!


If you’re a LAMB member in the UK, surrounding areas or are willing to travel, then head to London, England for Saturday October 3rd for the latest LAMB meet-up! Speaking as someone who has never been to a meet-up before, it sucks hearing about the hijinks and not experiencing them for yourself, so the only way to prevent disappointment is by showing up to meet everyone.

There’s a forum thread here, where we’ve been discussing events for the day. Everyone has different schedules as to when they’ll be around, but the plan so far is to meet up somewhere for lunch and somewhere else for dinner, with a cinema trip or some kind of film-related event happening in between or after dinner or whenever, and then probably drinks in a pub well into the evening. Suggestions are welcome for places to eat, places to drink and general events to be undertaken. If you need help finding somewhere to say, AirBNB comes highly recommended (that’s how I’ve arranged my accommodation), but there are lots of hotels too, or some people are travelling up and back on the same day. Whatever you’re comfortable with. And please pass the message on to any other bloggers you think might like to come! The more the merrier.

If you have any questions or ideas, drop them in the comments below. Thanks to Lindsay from French Toast Sunday for making the banner! And I look forward to seeing you all in London!

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  1. Hi Jay, I just submitted my application to join the LAMB community and understand that there may be some waiting time before I hear back. However, I am keen to join you guys in London as I live fairly close by and have never been to a meet-up either. Is there a way I can come along if my application isn’t processed in time?

    • Jay Cluitt says:

      Of course! We’re experiencing a bit of a delay with new members, sorry about that, but you’re more than welcome to come along to the meet-up, the more the merrier!

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