LAMB Trailer Club: X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer 2

by Robert Zerbe · March 17, 2016 · Periodic Features, Trailer Club · 9 Comments

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9 Responses to LAMB Trailer Club: X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer 2

  1. Jay Cluitt says:

    It’s an X-Men movie, so I’m on board, but still can’t help feeling there could be too much going on.

    Is Oscar Isaac trying an Ian McKellen impression?

    I’m excited to see some of the fights. Angel vs Nightcrawler looks good.

    Will Sophie Turner (Jean Grey) get to do anything other than look concerned? She’s got that one worried expression the whole time.

    • Robert Zerbe says:

      Yeah Cyclops vs. Storm looked cool too. I guess Sophie’s punishment on Game of Thrones has been too much on her and it’s bleeding over into other projects. Actually, did a single new mutant speak in this trailer, other than Apocalypse?

  2. Robert Zerbe says:

    So right off the bat the “Does it ever worry you…”/”I feel a great swell of pity…” callback is a little weird. I think it was word-for-word from the original X-Men. I mean, you’re just recycling your older scripts at that point.

    Apocalypse still looks weird other than a few shots here or there. There’s a LOT going on in this trailer. I probably speak for a lot of folks when I say I’m most looking forward to the new Quicksilver scene. Looks like he’s running around the X-Mansion while it’s blowing up and that could be awesome. One interesting thing is that Rose Byrne’s character is suited up…I can’t remember if her character is from the comics and if so if she’s a mutant? She wasn’t one in the original First Class flick, right? I guess it’s possible that she’s just suited up because she’s helping. I’m hoping NIghtcrawler is as cool in this flick as he was in X2 (well…he was cool in the Blackbird scene at least). Speaking of the new mutants, they continue to look cool enough. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how they do in the actual film, powers-wise and from an acting standpoint. Overall, nothing about any of the trailers for this film have really blown me away, but maybe that’s a good thing and they’re saving the best stuff for the film.

    One technical note, the way the audio and video cuts out at the end was really jarring…I thought my computer was buffering or something. The main song they used was cool, though.

  3. I like the fact that they have Fassy and McAvoy repeat the same line from the end of the first X-Men film in the beginning of this trailer. I like that they altered Apocalypse’s voice…since I always hear the ominous animated series voice when I think of him…I just don’t know what it is though…I can’t seem to muster ANY excitement for this film. Especially compared to what we’ve seen from the latest Civil War and BvS trailers. Hell, Green Room got my blood pumping more. We already know Lawrence is in Bruce Willis mode with this…and the effects look very cartoonish…(If you hated Spidey’s CGI look you have to hate this entire trailer). Although, I wasn’t head over heals excited for Days Of Future Past and First Class going in and I loved those films. So here is to hoping.

  4. Elwood Jones says:

    Ugh why do trailers always have that smug Joblo watermark these days. We get it you sold out to the studios for good reviews, get the hell off the trailer.

    Not sure why but X-Men always seem to struggle with the third film in their trilogies or is this actually being counted as part 6?

    Apocalypse much like Phoenix was always going to be a tricky character to pull off though, no doubt the cartoon is to blame for us expecting a chubbier Apocalypse. Nice to see they’ve kept his ability to increase in size, though yet to be seen if he is as overpowered as in the comics / cartoon series which if this is keeping true will mean them hitting a well armoured spot on the back on his neck.

    Nice to see that Alan Cummings hasn’t returned which means that Nightcrawler won’t hopefully be screwed up again, though not sure why we are seeing so much of Mystique in human form. Sadly though this looks like its going to turn into another CGI heavy showing as so much of the action footage just felt flat and uninteresting.

    Going to take a punt and say that this will be the last entry in the series for awhile as like with Last Stand the series once more seems to be grasping at random ideas to keep going and with Jackman only interested in doing Wolverine for Wolverine 3 its doubtful that he’s going to put in a surprise cameo which might have brought me back, especially when he carried so much of “Days of Future Past”

    • thesquonk says:

      We’re seeing so much of Mystique in human form because it’s Jennifer Lawrence. Don’t get me wrong…I’m bugged by that. I’m sure both the studio and her management don’t want to have one of the biggest stars in the world looking like Smurfette for most of the movie. I think they are trying too hard to say “It’s Mutatnt Katiniss!”

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