LAMB Trailer Club: Doctor Strange

by Robert Zerbe · April 13, 2016 · Periodic Features, Trailer Club · 3 Comments

Welcome to the new LAMB feature where we breakdown big, new trailers…in the comments section! Today we’ve got the first trailer for Marvel’s Doctor Strange! Post your thoughts below and beware potential spoilery theories and opinions!

3 Responses to LAMB Trailer Club: Doctor Strange

  1. Robert Zerbe says:

    First impressions: this looks pretty cool, if a little “Inception-y”. I think it was rumored at one point that we would not be getting his origin story, which would have been a shame. The beginning is the car crash that takes the use of his hands, setting him off on a quest to fix them by any means, which leads him to The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton). It looks like we’re getting a look at some sort of astral conversation he’s having during that car crash. It’s Chiewtel Ejiofor’s (nope, not gonna look to see if that’s right) Baron Mordo talking to him there at the beginning. Curious to see what Rachel McAdams does in this flick, I think she’s rumored to have a big role other than just nurse/love interest. The film definitely looks really good, with those overhead shots of streets and cities. Cumberbatch’s American accent is pretty good – only word he doesn’t nail in his first little spiel is “energy”. The big money shot of the city sort of folding out of itself is cool, as is the “teach me” bit and the final money shot of Strange climbing up into the Sanctum Santorum (?). Very cool.

  2. I’m happy Marvel is opening up their universe in a new direction. I’m happy about this cast. Maybe the best of a Marvel movie so far in terms of acting. I’m happy that it’s happening. But truthfully I have never been a big fan of Doctor Strange…even as comic book reader from way back. I’ve also never been a big fan of magic in films…never liked Harry Potter. So it will be interesting for me to see if this film can win me over. I’m also not happy that Benedict is doing an American accent. I know Strange is American in the books…but that is one piece of canon they could have ignored for Benedict’s sake. His American accent is not the greatest. Him being American is not essential to the character either. BUT that is a nitpick. Visually it looks nuts. It’ll be the acid trip film of the year and the 3D is going to be insane…and I hate 3D.

  3. Elwood Jones says:

    All looks very pretty which of course means the potential for the story to get lost in the visuals. Right now I don’t want to watch anything else to do with this film until its release as anything which follows now is only going to be spoiler riddled. This trailer atleast gives us somethings to mull over without giving the plot away.

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