LAMB Trailer Club: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

by Robert Zerbe · April 7, 2016 · Featured, Periodic Features, Trailer Club · 9 Comments

Welcome to the new LAMB feature where we breakdown big, new trailers…in the comments section! It’s time to take a look at Rogue One, the first stand-alone Star Wars Story! Post your thoughts below and beware potential spoilery theories and opinions!

9 Responses to LAMB Trailer Club: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

  1. Jay Cluitt says:

    Yep, that’ll do.
    Good to see snippets of the team, looking forward to seeing more of them, and especially Ben Mendelsohn’s villain. Two bits that got me really excited though: the AT-ATs in use again, always loved those guys, but even more so I want to see more of them just building the Death Star. Genuinely, the logistics of building something of that magnitude have perplexed me, so seeing the cannon crater being “lowered” (can something be lowered when there’s no gravity?) into place has my interest piqued.

  2. The talent behind this film…if you had any doubts…is pretty damn great…2 Oscar winning actors…An Oscar Winning Composer…the DP of Zero Dark Thirty…the VFX guys behind Blackhawk Down…Oscar nominated writer…I could go on. It’s looks like everything they promised it would be. I believe that Mads Mikkelsen is playing an Inquisitor of Vader or the Emperor…I think he is the dark hooded guy in the room with the crimson praetorians…Ben Mendelson looks like Admiral Thrawn from the Thrawn trilogy but I’m pretty sure he isn’t…(Thrawn had a blue face and red eyes and most of his character came from him being the only alien Moff in the Empire)…but if they make him as tactically smart and ruthless as Thrawn, I’d be happy. This film is gonna be great but I fear it might not be as Holiday friendly as Force Awakens was…Edwards is gonna make this a war film where several of the characters will die. That is what I want…but not sure if that’s what parents want to bring their kids to see…well the good ones will.

    • Robert Zerbe says:

      Only behind-the-scenes problem I have is Gareth Edwards (admittedly, a big problem to have), seeing as his last film was Godzilla. That film looked great too and turned out pretty bad.

  3. Robert Zerbe says:

    We have storm troopers flying through the air, and that’s all you really need in a Star Wars flick! I love that this has sort of a retro look in some aspects. The costumes, especially. One thing I was wondering about is if they’d use the franchise music, and it sounds like they will, with some modifications, which I love. Especially the Darth Vader theme at the end there. The only thing I didn’t like was the alarm going off – it kind of sounds like someone screaming. In fact, it makes me think of Jar Jar Binks for some reason – now that’s all any of you will be able to think of when watching this trailer – a screaming Jar Jar Binks. I kind of get the impression that they’re hinting that Felicity’s character becomes bad at the end?! And where’s Vader?

  4. Elwood Jones says:

    I love that this film is listed as “Epic Space Opera” on Wikipedia and while I was enjoying what I saw, it was the appearance of Donnie Yen, seen here showing off some impressive staff skills that really made me fall out of my chair. More so when this entry is set to feature no Jedi meaning its just him being his usual badass self.

    The shot at the end of Jyn Erso in imperial uniform I can’t help but feel is a misdirection and will be how she gets the Death Star plans. Though sure they say in Part 4 that someone died getting the plans, so might not end well for her, but then I could be getting that confused with “The Rocketeer”

    Seeing how this is set between episodes 3 and 4 I doubt that Admiral Thrawn will show up this early in the timeline though every chance of seeing him in the main timeline from Part 8 onwards.

    Now got nothing to do but avoid any more footage till its released so I can enjoy the same wonderful blind watch experience I got with Part 7.

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