Cult Chops (May) – Round up

by Elwood Jones · May 31, 2016 · Chops and Scores · No Comments


“Cult Chops” a monthly feature where each month we will be looking at a different genre of cult cinema as well as key actors and directors who established their legacies directing films from these genres.

May was all about “Biker Movies” and here’s what the LAMB members had to say about these movies which celebrated rebellion and generally sticking it to the man.


Biker Movies: An Introduction


Blueprint: Review

Forgotten Films

From The Depths of DVD Hell

Life Vs Film

If you still have articles, podcasts or reviews links to submit for this month’s genre just leave them in the comments section below.

Next Month: New Queer Cinema (LGBT Cinema)– A genre coined by the academic B.Ruby Rich in “Sight and Sound” magazine in 1992 and since been used as an umbrella term for LGBT filmmaking from 1990 onwards. Taking in directors such as Gus Van Sant, Greg Araki, Kimberly Pierce and Todd Haynes and films such as Tangerine, Mysterious Skin and Blue is the Warmest Colour.

It’s an expansive genre and yet one which has largely blended into the mainstream as LGBT film making continues to become more prominent, making it a great time to look back at the films and directors which laid this foundation.




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