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The 91st Academy Awards ceremony happened last night/this morning/at some point in the recent past, so now we know who won, who lost and who wore a train made of stuffed rabbits, there’s only one question on everyone’s minds – who won the LAMB’s first annual Oscar pool? We had 33 entrants, thank you to everyone who played, but there can only be one winner so, without any further ado, here’s the rankings of the final scores:

5 Correct Guesses

Chris Staron

8 Correct Guesses

Nicholas Rehak

9 Correct Guesses

Clint Worthinton
Audrey Fox
Katy Rochelle
Simon Appleton

10 Correct Guesses

Rebecca Sharp
Plain, Simple Tom
Kellee Pratt
Darren Lucas

11 Correct Guesses

Jay Cluitt
Getter Trumsi

12 Correct Guesses

Fredo Castil

13 Correct Guesses

The Vern
Amanda Kirkham
Chris Ramey

14 Correct Guesses

Jeanette Ward
Chris Tanski
Howard Casner
Justin Gott
DJ Valentine
Dan Heaton
David Brook
Doug Jamieson
Mark Hofmeyer

15 Correct Guesses

Courtney Small
Richard Kirkham

16 Correct Guesses

Tony Cogan
Paul Jamagin
Arron Paul Sese

17 Correct Guesses

Aaron Neuwirth
Cameron Kanachki

What’s this? A tie! No sir, no how. We have a tie-breaker, which was to guess the length of the ceremony in minutes. Aaron guessed 197, Cameron guessed 228, and by my count it was 195 making Aaron Neuwirth from The Code is Zeek our first LAMB Oscar Pool champion!

Congratulations to Aaron, thanks again to everyone for taking part and for MovieRob for running the pool. Come back next year to challenge Aaron to the crown!

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