Lambcast Episode #555 Rebecca Remake-a-Palooza

by Richard Kirkham · October 28, 2020 · Uncategorized · No Comments

Hold on to your butts, for the first time in the ten year existence of the Lambcast, we are doing a show on an Alfred Hitchcock film. That’s right, out of the nearly one thousand films featured, and hundreds of guests bloviating, we have not devoted time to the man that many feel is the greatest director of all time. That is changing today. However, in keeping with the historic neglect of Hitchcock, the master has to share this episode with contemporary director Ben Wheatley, who has remade the Academy Award winning best picture of 1940, with a modern cast and in color.

So many wanted in on this episode that we expanded the usual capacity for the show and have six Lambs sharing their thoughts.  Jay and Richard are joined by Howard Casner, LeAnne Lindsay, Jess Manzo and Patricia Collins for a trip back to Manderley. Actually two trips to be technically accurate. Come on and listen in, see if our group thought the 2020 version of Rebecca featuring Armie Hammer and Lilly James, holds a candle to the Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine original.  Mrs. Danvers will seat you by the window and give you instructions on how you should be listening.


After our discussion we have Rants, Raves, Reviews and a Game. 


Hitchcock’s Rebecca 4:50

Ranking Rebecca 1940 33:15

Finding Rebecca 36:08

Rebecca 2020 on Netflix 42:14

Ranking Wheatley’s Vision of Rebecca 1:09:20

Rants, Raves, and Reviews 1:14:50

Who Am I by Movie Title Game 1:44:41

Plugs 1:54:40

Jay on Deep Blue Sea: The Podcast 

LeAnne Tinsel and Tine

Patricia 3 Sentence Movie Reviews

Howard on Pop Art Podcast

Jess on French Toast Sunday

Richard on KAMAD 

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