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    by Pat McDonnell · Mar 21, 2013 at 12:35 CEST · Featured, Film Pasture, Podcasts · No Comments

    Pat here with another episode of The Film Pasture.  Today, we look at the state of the DC Comics universe on film with Bubbawheat from Flights, Tights and Movie Nights.  We look at the Dark Knight trilogy and the not-so-good Green Lantern before delving into their animated releases and what Man of Steel may portend for the future.

    The Film Pasture is a podcast that looks at film and film blogging through the eyes of...

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    by NTEMP · Mar 21, 2013 at 0:21 CEST · 2013 LAMMYs, Featured, The LAMMYs · 13 Comments

    I have always loved the glossy program books that film festivals and awards shows put out containing a little picture and synopsis of each film in competition. They make for great reading while you’re waiting for the next film to begin, or reviewing movies that you’d like to catch at a later point.

    This year’s LAMMY Awards didn’t have the budget for a photographer, a graphic designer or the...

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  • MOTM/LAMBcast #158: Identity

    by Dylan · Mar 17, 2013 at 23:11 CEST · Blogathons, Featured, Features, LAMBcast, MOTM, Podcasts · 9 Comments
    MOTM/LAMBcast #158: <i>Identity</i>

    I don’t want to say that MOTM poll winner Justin (of Man, I Love Films) did anything improper to not only win the poll but destroy the competition (especially since he’s a friend of mine and writes for my site), but let’s just say that the reaction to his choice of film and the amount of reactions from LAMB members didn’t exactly substantiate the pick.  And yet, it’s not as though we on the LAMBcast came up...

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  • LAMBScores: Rock-y Horror

    by Shane Slater · Mar 15, 2013 at 23:57 CEST · Featured, LAMBscores · 1 Comment
    LAMBScores: Rock-y Horror

    Well, this was another one of those slow weeks at the movie theaters. We have two new releases for you but they didn’t really stir up much excitement. Find out what the LAMB had to say about Snitch and Dark Skies below. Also, don’t forget you can add your reviews for upcoming editions of the LAMBScores by...

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  • Foreign Chops #10: Japanese Animation

    by Robert Gannon · Mar 14, 2013 at 0:34 CEST · Featured, Foreign Chops · 3 Comments
    Foreign Chops #10: Japanese Animation

    Hi everyone. It’s Robert from Sketchy Details back again to announce the next topic for Foreign Chops. Japanese animation, more commonly referred to as anime, has a style all its own in international cinema. Unlike the big studio productions from Hollywood, anime features are targeted at all different ages. Some are designed for very young children while others are only for mature adults. Anime crosses all genres and...

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  • The Festival Experience: A Guide to the Tribeca Film Festival

    by Shala · Mar 12, 2013 at 22:36 CEST · Articles, Featured, Features · 8 Comments
    The Festival Experience: A Guide to the Tribeca Film Festival
    Hello there. It’s Shala from Life Between Films. As we move into spring (hello, warm weather!), I’m back again, this time discussing the best ways to navigate the biggest film festival of the season in North America (sorry SxSW) - the Tribeca Film Festival (TFF)....

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    by NTEMP · Mar 12, 2013 at 13:31 CEST · 2013 LAMMYs, Featured, The LAMMYs · No Comments

    Just another gentle reminder that the Submissions Stage for this year’s LAMMY Awards ends this Sunday, March 17.

    To allow the maximum flexibility for submissions this week and weekend, we’ll be leaving the forums open all day Sunday, up until 11:59 pm, Pacific Time in the U.S.

    Yes, you are allowed to submit yourself!

    Follow this link for a review of all the rules, categories and procedures, 


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  • LAMBcast #157: Get to Know Your LAMBcasters

    by Dylan · Mar 10, 2013 at 23:27 CEST · Featured, LAMBcast, Podcasts · 4 Comments
    LAMBcast #157: Get to Know Your LAMBcasters

    It was just a happy coincidence and/or poor (great?) planning that this show came not only just a week after the Vegas meetup episode, but also happened to feature three people (myself, Jason, and Lindsay) that were there for the meetup.  So the three of us got to know each other a bit more, but to make it more interesting, we were also joined by Nick P. and Jay.  This was an unorthodox show compared to our usual fare, where we’re...

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  • LAMBScores: A Beautiful Day To Die Hard

    by Shane Slater · Mar 9, 2013 at 5:53 CEST · Featured, LAMBscores · 3 Comments
    LAMBScores: A Beautiful Day To Die Hard

    This week we’ve got 3 new releases coming your way. First up, we return to a popular action franchise as Bruce Willis stars in A Good Day To Die Hard. Next up is the latest young adult fantasy adaptation Beautiful Creatures featuring a solid supporting cast including the likes of Emma Thompson, Viola Davis and Jeremy...

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  • Acting School 101: James Stewart (Mar 25th)

    by Courtney · Mar 9, 2013 at 1:45 CEST · Acting School, Blogathons, Featured, Features · 4 Comments
    Acting School 101: James Stewart (Mar 25th)
    Alright students, it is time for your Acting School assignment for this month......

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  • Foreign Chops #9: Cinema of Quebec

    by Robert Gannon · Mar 7, 2013 at 15:06 CEST · Featured, Foreign Chops · 2 Comments
    Foreign Chops #9: Cinema of Quebec

    We had a great turn out for Foreign Chops #9: Cinema of Quebec. There’s a wide range of films to read about representing a nice cross section of what the region has to offer. The most popular film was Incendies, netting three reviews and a mention in a long form article about Canadian Cinema.

    We’ll announce the next Foreign Chops subject soon. For now, enjoy all the great pieces on the Cinema of...

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  • LAMB Hangout #2 – #LAMMY2013

    by Joel · Mar 6, 2013 at 0:50 CEST · 2013 LAMMYs, Featured, LAMB Hangout, The LAMMYs · 5 Comments
    LAMB Hangout #2 – #LAMMY2013

    This week on the LAMB Hangout I go over the details and the changes in this years event with my LAMMY moderator David from Never Too Early Movie Predictions. 

    Feel free to let us ask follow up questions in the commentary field or if we were unclear about something on the hangout. …


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