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Joel Burman - Shepherd

Joel has attempted to blog regularly on his own blog since the fall of 2010 but was saved by the bell at X-mas 2011 when Dylan approached him about taking on the Shepherd position on the LAMB. Outside of the LAMB Joel works in Film/TV/Commercials/Webisode productions along with producing his own stuff. In his spare time he tries to play a game of tennis when the weather allows it or relax by watching a generic 90’s action film.

Top-3 films: Heat, Andrey Rublev and Close-up (Abbas Kiarostami)
Film everyone loves but him: What to go with? Amelie or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind maybe?
Joel has been a member of the LAMB since April 27th 2011


Dylan Fields - LAMBcast Host & LAMB Founder

Dylan Fields is the founder of the LAMB and a former Shepherd. These days, he serves as the host of the LAMBcast, guidance counselor, bill payer, leading cheerleader, and whatever else Joel might ask him to do. He is a walking trivia game, a lover of films of the 90s and 80s, and enjoys golf, fantasy football and heading to Las Vegas to blow money he doesn’t have whenever possible. He is also the co-founder of Man, I Love Films (along with Kai Parker).

Top 3-films: Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Film that everyone loves but Dylan hates: Casino Royale (although not outright hating it, he really doesn’t get the fuss over it.
Dylan has been a member since he founded the LAMB Oct. 31th 2007

Robert Gannon

Robert Gannon - Foreign Chops Editor

Robert Gannon is a freelance writer and music director from New Jersey. By chance and then choice, he carved out a niche writing about horror, sci-fi, and fantasy films like they were actual works of art. He currently runs the entertainment media criticism site Sketchy Details.

Top 3 Films: Rosemary’s Baby, Gin Gwai (The Eye), Cat People (1942)

The Film that Everyone Loves but Robert Hates: Sideways

Robert has been a member of the LAMB since January 8, 2012


Courtney Small - Editor: Acting School 101

Based out of film festival loving city that is Toronto, Courtney writes for the blog Big Thoughts from a Small Mind. His rampant love of all things cinema has caused Courtney to grow a rather eclectic film taste.

Top 3 Films: Magnolia, Black Narcissus and Six Degrees of Separation
Film that everyone loves but Courtney hates: The Last Picture Show
Courtney has been a LAMB member since Dec. 17th 2009

Shane Slater

Shane has been blogging since 2009 and joined the LAMB in June 2011. He’s an Oscar obsessive who will defend the Academy to his dying day! When he’s not watching or writing about films, he enjoys fine dining, playing squash and traveling.

Top 3 films: LOTR: The Return of the King, City of God, The Silence of the Lambs.
Film that everyone loves but Shane hates: 2001: A Space Odyssey

Nick Powell - Directors Chair Editor

Nick Powell is from Colorado Springs.
What started off as a little project for himself has turned into a much larger idea and he’s running with it. The Cinematic Katzenjammer is a movie blog with a mission to watch and review a different movie in 2012. He has added more features to the site and plans on turning it into a premiere movie site for any and all film lovers.

Top 3-films: The Princess Bride, Before Sunset and the Sandlot.

Film that everyone loves but Nick hates: Star Wars (all of them)
Nick has been a LAMB member since July 8th 2012

Bonjour Tristesse - Webmaster / Site Designer

Bonjour Tristesse, is responsible for the technical behind-the-scenes operations at The LAMB, including its new site redesign. He is from Vancouver, Canada and has been blogging since September 2010 at his own site of the same name, where he focuses on his passion for foreign, independent, and cult films.

Top 3-films: Videodrome, In the Mood for Love, The Double Life of Veronique

Film that everyone loves but BT hates: Gone with the Wind

Bonjour Tristesse has been a LAMB member since February 1, 2011.

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