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  • The LAMB Devours the Oscars – Best Sound Editing (redux)

    by Dylan · Feb 6, 2009 at 16:20 CET · LAMB Devours the Oscars · 1 Comment
    The LAMB Devours the Oscars – Best Sound Editing (redux)

    Editor’s note: Welcome to the eighth of a 24-part series dissecting the 81st Academy Awards, brought to you by the Large Association of Movie Blogs and its assorted members. Every day leading up to the Oscars, a new post written by a different LAMB will be published, each covering a different category of the Oscars. To read any other posts regarding this event, please click the tag following the post. Thank you, and...

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  • Today’s Plugs

    by Dylan · Aug 11, 2008 at 22:25 CEST · Plugs · No Comments
    Today’s Plugs

    * Evil on Two Legs is giving away some free stuff in their “name-that-movie-super-amazing-fun-time contest.” Basically that boils down to them giving away a free copy of Clive Barker’s Jericho (xbox360) and a eo2l t-shirt (or mousepad, or coffee mug, or whatever the winner would like) to whomever can name all the movies in the 18 screenshots listed.

    * It’s almost over, but Joseph Demme is hosting the Unseen DVD...

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  • Summer of LAMB entry: Cinexcellence

    by Dylan · May 23, 2008 at 20:00 CEST · Uncategorized · 1 Comment
    Summer of LAMB entry: Cinexcellence

    I still have yet to determine a proper scoring method to this madness (seriously, if you have any ideas, let me hear them), but I think I’ve figured out the prize, which of course I’ll share later. In the meantime, here’s the second entry (out of 10 total) in the Summer of LAMB contest.

    Name: Joseph
    Site: Cinexcellence

    1. The Dark Knight – $400M
    2. Indiana Jones and the...

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  • LAMB #86 – Cinexcellence

    by Dylan · May 1, 2008 at 4:59 CEST · New LAMB · No Comments
    LAMB #86 – Cinexcellence

    [Editor’s Note: This site has not posted new content in over a year (as of 5/18/11) and is now considered a dead LAMB. A moment of silence please…]


    Site Name: Cinexcellence

    What is the main focus of your site (reviews, editorials, news, lists, etc.)?
    The main content of my site is film reviews and news, but...

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