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    by Jay Cluitt · Nov 25, 2020 at 12:15 CET · Discussion, Draft, Featured, Franchise, Games, Get to Know Your Lambcasters, LAMBcast, Lambpardy, Podcasts, Poll, TV, WBWL · No Comments

    It’s the end of an era on the Lambcast. Jay has hosted since episode 200, but he’s now heading off for pastures new, and leaving Richard the keys to the Lambcast paddock. In commemoration, he threw himself a leaving party and invited all your favourite Lambcast guests to join in the fun! This show is the longest in Lambcast history, over 4 hours of mostly film-related nonsense and entertainment, enjoy!

    Listen to the...

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    by Jay Cluitt · Oct 15, 2019 at 0:31 CEST · Featured, Franchise, LAMBcast, Meetup, New Release, Podcasts · 2 Comments

    No, we’re not joking, it’s the 500th episode!

    As far as we’re concerned 500 episodes is worth celebrating, so to mark this momentous milestone regular hosts Jay and Richard thought the best solution would be, after being on many, many shows together in an only audio format, to actually meet in person and record a show in the same gosh-darn room. So Richard, along wit his daughter and regular guest Amanda,...

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    by Jay Cluitt · Apr 25, 2018 at 23:01 CEST · Featured, LAMBcast, Podcasts, Roll Your Own Top 5 · No Comments

    Anime! Frustration! Kids! Superheroes! More superheroes! All this and more on this week’s Lambcast!

    Richard Kirkham takes his first turn in the hosting chair and is joined by Audrey Fox, Tony Cogan, Zoe Rose Smith and JD Duran to run through their own personal top 5 lists. Audrey goes gaga for child actors, Zoe lets out some work frustration, Tony gets animated over anime and JD and Richard almost team up for a superhero...

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    by Jay Cluitt · Nov 8, 2017 at 0:40 CET · Featured, LAMBcast, New Release, Podcasts · 1 Comment

    It may not be the 400th episode just yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not time to party! Thor’s back for his third standalone outing, and it’s possibly the craziest Marvel movie to date.

    Jay was joined by JD Duran, DJ Valentine, Jeanette Ward and Simon Appleton to battle it out in the arena over whether Thor: Ragnarok is just too funny, and whether anyone other than Jeff Goldblum actually needed...

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    by Jay Cluitt · Jul 28, 2017 at 8:41 CEST · Featured, LAMBcast, New Release, Podcasts · No Comments

    Do you enjoy  long stays on the beach? Weekend pleasure cruises? Short plane excursions? Then the latest Lambcast is for you!

    Jay Cluitt was joined by war movie aficionados and world war two enthusiasts Simon Appleton, JD Duran and Richard Kirkham to dig into Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, a film that allowed us to rattle off old plane names and complain about British motorways, as you do.

    Also on tap: Rants...

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    by Jay Cluitt · May 24, 2017 at 19:25 CEST · Featured, LAMBcast, New Release, Podcasts · No Comments

    In space, no-one can hear you podcast. Fortunately for all concerned we’re not in space, so you can hear us talk about the latest Alien movie, phew!

    Jay Cluitt was joined by Heather Baxendale, Brendan Cassidy, Matthew Stewart and former shepherd Joel Burman as they explored, dissected then nuked-from-orbit the latest addition to the Alien franchise, Alien Covenant.

    Also on tap: Rants and...

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  • Lambcast #369 Danny Boyle Director Retrospective

    by Jay Cluitt · Apr 14, 2017 at 9:22 CEST · Director Retrospective, Featured, LAMBcast, Podcasts · No Comments
    Lambcast #369 Danny Boyle Director Retrospective

    Since his debut with 1994’s Shallow Grave, Danny Boyle has been one of the most interesting and varied British film-makers, trying his hand at practically every genre and combining stunning visuals, powerful performances and awesome soundtracks, so with the long-anticipated released of the Trainspotting sequel, it’s about time we devoted a whole show to him.

    Jay Cluitt was joined by Lindsay Street,...

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  • The LAMB Devours The Oscars 2017: Best Foreign Language Film

    by Jay Cluitt · Feb 26, 2017 at 10:42 CET · Featured, LAMB Devours the Oscars · 1 Comment
    The LAMB Devours The Oscars 2017: Best Foreign Language Film

    Every day until the Oscars ceremony we’ll be highlighting a different category or movie here on the LAMB! Here’s a link to all the posts written so far:

    Today, JD Duran from Insession Film is here to look at the nominees for Best Foreign Language Film.

    Best Foreign Language Film is an interesting category each year. Most of the...

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  • LAMBCAST #358 Roll Your Own Top 5

    by Jay Cluitt · Jan 26, 2017 at 12:36 CET · Featured, LAMBcast, Podcasts, Roll Your Own Top 5 · No Comments
    LAMBCAST #358 Roll Your Own Top 5

    It’s time for another edition of Roll You Own Top 5!

    Jay Cluitt is joined by Nick Rehak, Lindsay Street, JD Duran and newcomer Darren Bolton to talk about, amongst other things, practical effects, documentaries, talking animals, prison escapes, and of course Nick completing his Muppets trilogy.

    Find out what the Citizen Kane of talking animal films, listen as a first-time guest has their heart broken in real...

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  • LAMBCAST #355: Best of 2016

    by Jay Cluitt · Jan 5, 2017 at 15:02 CET · Featured, LAMBcast, Podcasts · No Comments
    LAMBCAST #355: Best of 2016

    2016 is over, rest in agony you miserable year. However, as tradition dictates, we cannot fully move on with our lives until the Lambcast has released its Best of the Year show, so here it is.

    Joining Jay in giving the past twelve months a damn good thrashing are Vern, Heather, Lackey and Howard to list of their five best films from the past year, a year which provided the most variety amongst these lists than any year...

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    by Jay Cluitt · Nov 10, 2016 at 8:46 CET · Featured, LAMBcast, New Release, Podcasts · No Comments

    There’s a new Marvel movie out! That means we’re doing a show on it!

    Jay Cluitt is joined by Robert Zerbe, Brendan Cassidy, Courtney Small and Bubbawheat to discuss Doctor Strange, the 14th entry in the MCU and the first to star Benedict Cumberbatch as the surgeon-turned-sorceror. Is it just another origin story, or is there more to it? Listen to find out! The discussion starts off spoiler-free, but we tackle...

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  • The Film Pasture: Grazing with Podcasters #3

    by Jay Cluitt · Oct 11, 2016 at 15:03 CEST · Featured, Film Pasture, Podcasts · No Comments
    The Film Pasture: Grazing with Podcasters #3

    Hello Everyone.

    The Vern is back with a brand new collection of great podcasts that you should all check out.

    Be sure to check out the full episodes by visiting the sites below.

    Today’s shows

    Insession Film

    The MILFcast

    Two Drinks In Podcast

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