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    by Jay Cluitt · Dec 14, 2017 at 23:56 CET · Director Retrospective, Featured, LAMBcast, Podcasts · No Comments

    The Last Jedi is out today, and whilst that’s the topic of next week’s show, this week we’re gearing up to it by looking at its director, Rian Johnson, and his previous three films.

    Jay Cluitt was joined by Richard Kirkham, Chris Staron and Daniel Lackey to discuss Brick, The Brothers Bloom and Looper, as well as predict what Johnson will possibly do with a Star Wars...

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  • The Film Pasture: Grazing with Podcasters Vol 2.

    by The Vern · Aug 29, 2016 at 14:03 CEST · Film Pasture, Podcasts, Uncategorized · No Comments
    The Film Pasture: Grazing with Podcasters Vol 2.

    Yup, it’s another clip show as The Vern gets things ready for all brand new episodes of the podcast. But we did want to pay tribute to other great Lamb podcasting network shows and give you a little taste of each one.  Click link below to hear the full show

    THE FILM PASTURE: Grazing with Podcasters #2

    Included on today’s episode is

    TV Good Sleep Bad

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