LAMB Chops: August 31st

by Jason Soto · August 31, 2010 · LAMB Chops · 1 Comment

Much like the Bloody Chops, I had to whittle it down to five. If yours wasn’t pick, I’m sorry. Keep trying!

Site: Cinexcellence
Fall / Winter 2010 Lineup
Submitted by: Cinexcellence

Site: The List
Films You Didn’t Know You Needed To See 5
Submitted by: The List

‘Skyline” Increases My Fears Of Alien Invations (but secretly I love it)
Submitted by:

Site: Magic Lantern Film Blog
The Top 15 Movies Adapted from the Stage!
Submitted by: Magic Lantern Film Blog

Site: A Boy and His Keyboard
“This is your brain on anime.”
Submitted by: A Boy and His Keyboard

If YOU would like to participate, all you need is:
The ability to read other people’s blogs
To be a member of the LAMB, or about to be a member
Copy and paste skills
A #2 pencil
And three hard boiled eggs.

I’m gonna suggest, nay, recommend that you send in a chop FROM SOMEONE ELSES BLOG (who is also a LAMB). We need people sending in other people’s stuff instead of your own so this can be more of a forum of “hey this person wrote a great piece” instead of self pimpage. There’s nothing wrong with self pimpage (I’m guilty of it myself) but we kinda wanna take this LAMB Chops, AND Bloody Chops, into the future. So let’s see how that goes. Here’s what you need to do:

Using the following format, email me at the chop you think is great:
Post Title:
Submitted by:

And let’s try the same for the Bloody Chops as well. You can send those to

Have the LAMB Chops sent in by midnight next Monday night, EST.
Have the Bloody Chops sent in by midnight THIS Friday night, EST.

As always if you are confused (I dunno why but whatever), feel free to leave a comment saying “I’m confused!” and me or Fletch will unconfuse you.

Thank you. I’m on a horse.

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