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Jay Cluitt - Shepherd and Lambcast Host

Jay started his own site in 2011, writing about pretty much anything movie related, but focusing specifically on the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die list. He has regretted this decision ever since. He took over hosting the Lambcast from Dylan in January 2014, and became the LAMB’s Shepherd in March 2016. He has yet to regret these decisions, but who knows what the future holds?

Top 3 Films: Jurassic Park, The Great Escape, Wall-E
The Film that Everyone Loves but Jay Hates: Before Sunrise/Sunset
Jay has been a member of the LAMB since April 13th 2012.

Todd Liebenow - Chops Compiler

Todd has been a big movie fan ever since George Lucas first took him to that “galaxy far far away” way back in 1977. At his blog, Forgotten Films, he reviews what he calls “the movies that time forgot.” He also hosts the Forgotten Filmcast and co-hosts the Disney-centered podcast Walt Sent Me along with fellow LAMB member Kristen Lopez. He also writes classic film reviews for Man I Love Films as well as reviews of classic superhero television shows at Channel Superhero. You can always count on him to bring up the Muppets at odd times (he’s actually a puppeteer by trade), talk about why 1984 was the greatest movie year, or relapse into his teenage crush on Jennifer Connelly.

Top 3 Films: The Empire Strikes Back, The Wizard of Oz, Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
The Film that Everyone Loves but Todd Hates: Clerks II
Todd has been a member of the LAMB since December 23rd 2011.

The Vern

The Vern - Host of The Film Pasture

The Vern was born to a family of traveling circus freaks whose sole talent lied in the ability to bite the heads out of animal crackers. Realizing very quickly that audiences were not going to pay to see something so trite and dull. They decided to keep him locked up in a room while they performed. The room they kept him in was stocked with Whiskey, Fritos, and peanut butter. They also had a wide library of VHS titles to which The Vern spent many hours lost in. He would spend many hours watching these movies and get familiar with the genres and understand the tropes. He even was able to suggest some ideas to his friend Dan, The Human Fly after watching a movie by David Cronenberg. Also, he go his friend The bearded lady a walk on part in the Mel Brooks comedy, ”Spaceballs”. Soon it was time to depart, but poor Vern felt sad because he had nowhere to go. Luckily he found The Lamb, and now hosts the Lambcast’s sister podcast, The Film Pasture.

Top 3-Films: Heathers, Requiem for a Dream and Pulp Fiction
A movie everyone loves but the Vern hate: Safety not Guaranteed
The Vern has been a LAMB member since January 27th 2012

Tony Cogan - Director's Chair Upholsterer

Tony has been writing since 2010, mainly out of having too many opinions to keep to himself. Having initially developed an appreciation for the power of film after running out of Toy Story 2 at the age of 4 because of how invested he got in the story and being terrified of what would happen to the characters his love of film developed into a way he can express. He mainly focuses on new releases, along with the occasional look at political based films, with a propensity to highlight some more obscure films, an element which will carry over into his work on Director’s Chair.

Top 3 Films: Aliens, The Elephant Man, The Shawshank Redemption
The Film that Everyone Loves but Jay Hates: The Revenant
Tony has been a member of the LAMB since September 3rd 2012.

Robert Zerbe - LAMB Trailer Club Manager

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  1. Hello LAMB –

    Will you be updating your site soon? I love your LAMB site but the green background is u.g.l.y.

    Also, on the “Joining LAMB” page, the word eligibility in the title is misspelled, try ‘Eligibility’ instead.

    And finally (whew!), what does “immaterial copyright” mean? It doesn’t show up when googled.

    Thanks – you’re a lamb for listening…

    🙂 Paulette

  2. Todd Stevens says:

    Hello, would any of you be willing to review my feature-length documentary film?

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